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Call for 2014-2015 Seminar Speakers

Tuesday Apr 21, noon-1:00, Marcus Autism Center Grand Rounds, Marcus Autism Center - Medications for Children and Adolescents with ASD: Where Do They Belong in Treatment Planning? - Glen Elliott, MD, PhD . Register
:  A light lunch will be provided to those who register by noon on Monday, Apr 20.

Wed Apr 22, noon-1:30, Bourne Seminar Room, Yerkes - CTSN Journal Club - Eric Fezco presenting Newman 2008 (Physics Today) The Physics of Networks. Food and drink provided.


(Apr 2015) 'Love Hormone' turns mothers into moms (Latest News, Science)

(Mar 2015) Oxytocin releasers next generation approach for treating autism? (Medical Daily and News Medical)

(Feb 2015) Young says more research is needed before parents seek oxytocin treatment for their autistic children. (Autism Speaks and Int Bus Times)

(Feb 2015) Can Oxytocin Treat Autism? 

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